Aluminum Cluster

Industry overview

Québec's aluminium industry enjoys international visibility, due to the presence of Alcoa, Rio Tinto and Alouette. Together, these world-class primary aluminium producers operate 9 smelters in the province that produce 2.9 million metric tons of primary aluminium, or 60% of total North American production. 

Building on this foundation, the province has developed an aluminium industry ecosystem, which now makes up the Québec Aluminium Cluster.

The Québec Aluminium Cluster includes equipment suppliers with expertise in building and operating the province's aluminium smelters and processing plants, know-how that is now in demand around the globe. It also represents several hundred stakeholders involved in primary and secondary processing. These businesses transform aluminium into finished and semi-finished products that enable manufacturers to take advantage of the metal's incomparable properties. The Cluster also benefits from the knowledge transfer activities carried out by its research, development and training centres, as well as the expertise of its authorities. Finally, a description of the Québec Aluminium Cluster would not be complete without mentioning the OEMs and customers/users who have opted to incorporate aluminium into their finished products and who collaboratively work with all its constituents.

Industry overview

The mapping of the Québec aluminium processing industry commissioned by AluQuébec inventoried +1400 businesses – 923 manufacturers and 684 suppliers – in 13 industries that all make use of aluminium.

Aluminium industry organizations

The constituents of the Québec Aluminium Cluster have created it as a coordinating tool for promoting the industry with the mandate to double aluminium processed in Québec over the next ten years: AluQuébec.

Other sector organizations act as representatives for their respective members within the Cluster and are members of AluQuébec.

  • Aluminium Association of Canada (AAC)
    The members of the Aluminium Association of Canada are the three primary producers active in Canada: Alcoa, Rio Tinto Alcan and Alouette. The AAC's mission is to represent the Canadian aluminium industry in its dealings with citizens, public authorities, current and potential users of aluminium, as well as other players in the economy.
  • Trans-Al Network
    The Trans-Al Network is the business network for Québec-based aluminium processors. Devoted to the growth of SMEs operating in this sector, it provides opportunities for networking, technological improvement, business deals and recognition to its 250 members across the province.
  • Aluminium Valley Society (AVS)
    The Aluminium Valley Society helps boost the aluminium processing industry and assists with the implementation, start-up and growth of businesses located in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. The AVS thus acts as a regional industrial cluster for its approximately one hundred members.