Aluminum Cluster


In Québec, more than 1,400 manufacturers and suppliers use aluminium to create finished products or components that are part of the manufacturing process for many goods. Québec companies provide products made by a number of different processes to meet the needs of OEMs who use aluminium in their finished products:

  • Overview
  • Primary processing
  • Wire Rod and cable
  • Rolling
  • Extrusion
  • Forging
  • Casting
  • Other processes
  • Assembly

The mapping of the Québec aluminium processing industry commissioned by AluQuébec inventoried +1400 businesses – 923 manufacturers and 684 suppliers – in 13 industries that all make use of aluminium.

Main aluminium processors (primary processing and casting)

The following is a list of the main aluminium processors operating in Québec along with links to their respective Websites.

Alcoa Howmet
Alphacasting Inc
AMT Inc.
CIF Métal Ltée.
Extrudex Aluminum
Fonderie Fondalco
Fondrémy Inc.
General Cable
Lemoltech Inc
Metra Aluminum Inc.
Mitchell Aerospace Inc.
Paber Aluminium Inc
PCP Canada
Pexal Tecalum
Powercast Manufacturing Inc.
Raufoss Automotive
SAPA Montreal
Shellcast Foundries Inc.
Sotrem-Maltech Inc.
Technology Magnesium & Aluminum Inc.
Verbom Inc.