Business development

AluQuébec is both familiar with the Québec Aluminium Cluster's constituents and in direct contact with OEMs using or likely to use aluminium in their products, so it is regularly asked to coordinate business development projects. In this capacity, it plays a role of catalyst, helping customers/users find research centres or aluminium processors capable of helping them bring their ideas to fruition. The goal of this vital aspect of AluQuébec's activities is to generate concrete projects and mandates for businesses belonging to the Cluster.

Through its members, R & D centres, primary aluminium producers and processors, the Québec Aluminium Cluster can offer specialized training to aluminium users and OEMs interested in using more aluminium in their products or manufacturing processes. It can also help select the best alloys and manufacturing and assembly processes, as well as provide assistance with part development, prototyping, and the formulation of innovative solutions promoting the use of aluminium.

The secretariat's Director of Business Development deals directly with numerous OEMs working in a variety of economic sectors that use aluminium. He meets them by attending the major international aluminium industry conferences and expositions as a representative of Québec’ value proposition.

To get connected with research centres or businesses that can simplify the task of incorporating aluminium into products or production processes, interested parties can communicate with Martin Hartlieb, AluQuébec's Director of Business Development. A global expert on aluminium, Mr. Hartlieb also advises manufacturers on which aluminium alloys are best suited to their particular type of production.

Martin Hartlieb
Business Development Director
514 905-4839