Mission, objectives and vision

AluQuébec's mission clearly defines its role as a coordinating body for the Québec aluminium processing industry and equipment suppliers. Its specific, measurable objectives provide a benchmark to assess the impact of its activities, while its vision describes the desired outcome of its organized efforts.


Foster synergistic connections between end users and the various actors in the aluminium industrial value chain and use training, innovation and technological development to increase the processing and use of aluminium.


Double aluminium processed in Québec over the next decade and support the activities of equipment suppliers.

How to do so:

  • Maximize the use of aluminium in target markets
  • Develop solutions for the structural issues facing the industry
  • Educate OEMs about using and incorporating aluminium into their products
  • Support aluminium processors as they develop and enter national and international markets
  • Develop new uses for aluminium
  • Strengthen and enhance the network of Québec equipment suppliers and recognize their leadership role on the world market


Build on Québec's position as a global leader in the aluminium industry to:

  • Grow the aluminium processing industry with a view to sustainable development
  • Recognize the true value of aluminium as a material of choice
  • Affirm the leadership role of Québec equipment suppliers on the international market