AluQuébec, the Aluminum Industry Cluster, is pleased to welcome the Alcoa Innovation (AI) team as part of its Centre d’expertise sur l’aluminium (CeAl). The purpose of this integration is to create the reference point in terms of technical expertise for the entire aluminum transformation industry in Quebec and this, in collaboration with other organizations in the network. In fact, the organizations, the aluminum transforming companies and the professionals will now be able to find a complete professional service offer in order to initiate, promote, guide and accelerate their innovation and development projects.

AluQuébec's Centre d’expertise sur l’aluminium and Alcoa Innovation are already meeting these objectives by virtue of their respective raison d'être, in addition to being known and recognized for their training and technical information. The two organizations are complementary while possessing their own field of expertise. This is the merger of two natural partners who, of course, will continue to benefit from the network by continuing their work with existing organizations.

"A cluster must bring together, federate and identify the needs of its members. It must play the role of influencers, facilitators and integrators to promote the transformation of aluminum and stimulate its use in products and applications by encouraging innovation and concept development. With this integration, there is no doubt that AluQuébec will strengthen its position as a leader in the development and use of aluminum to support innovative business projects in complementarity and partnership with industry organizations," said Martin Charron, President and CEO of AluQuébec.

"The Alcoa Innovation team is delighted to join its strengths with AluQuébec. This means that the technical tools, scientific capacity and expertise will be combined to become a single, stronger entity," says François Racine, President of Alcoa Innovation.

"We are proud of the work Alcoa Innovation has fostered since it was founded by Alcoa more than 12 years ago. That legacy will continue, and grow, through this partnership with Alu Quebec to foster and create new synergies on advancing the use of aluminum," added Nicole Coutu, President of Alcoa Canada.

About AluQuébec - Quebec's Aluminum Industry Cluster
AluQuébec brings together producers, transformers, equipment manufacturers and specialized suppliers as well as research, development and training centres around concrete and structuring projects, with the goal of doubling the transformation of Québec aluminum. The cluster coordinates business projects that create synergies between client users and aluminum industry players active in Quebec.

About Alcoa Innovation
Alcoa Innovation, a non-profit organization, was a partnership set up in 2008 together with Industrial Research Centre of Québec (CRIQ) and Aluminum Research and Development Centre of Québec (CQRDA) to structure and sustain the development of the aluminum industry and markets. The twofold mission of Alcoa Innovation was to support small- and medium-sized Québec enterprises (SMEs) active in the aluminum sector by fostering the development of innovative products made of processed aluminum, and to promote the use of aluminum in technological as well as sustainable development initiatives. Among his most important achievements is the development of an electric minibus structure that makes intensive use of aluminum.