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AluQuébec is fully committed to the success of Quebec’s aluminum development strategy

Jean-Luc Trahan
AluQuébec Chief Executive Officer

Montreal, June 19, 2015 – AluQuébec, the Quebec Aluminum Industrial Cluster, applauds the Quebec government for delivering on its commitment to the aluminum industry today with the release of Quebec’s aluminum development strategy. The Quebec government had set aside $32.5 million over three years in its 2015–2016 budget to help implement the ten-year strategy. The move clearly indicates that the government is fully aware of how important aluminum production and processing is for creating wealth in the Quebec economy.


AluQuébec has been asked to play a significant part in rolling out the Quebec aluminum development strategy, with key industry players active wherever aluminum is being manufactured. AluQuébec will draw on the expertise of its partners, including major contractors, primary aluminum producers, processing companies, equipment manufacturers, research centers, and industry and regional associations.

AluQuébec’s specific tasks involve three aspects of the Quebec aluminum development strategy as outlined in the 2015–2016 budget.

  1. To create an environment favorable to aluminum processing

AluQuébec will be asked to advise processors on access to metal and ramp up the efforts of its working groups to promote aluminum and encourage its use.

  1. Ensure industry competitiveness

AluQuébec will play a role in this area by mapping and disseminating Quebec know-how on aluminum use and piloting an initiative to educate professionals on aluminum standards, building codes, advantages, and applications.

  1. Strengthen the entire chain

AluQuébec has already enlisted contributions from all the members of the Cluster. The implementation of the Quebec aluminum development strategy confirms the launch of the Cluster’s new working group of equipment manufacturers and specialized suppliers.

AluQuébec will work with various government and educational stakeholders to promote university teaching and skills training and development in the field of aluminum. The Cluster will also work to bring in international investments.


“The success of Quebec’s aluminum development strategy will rely on our ability to maximize the synergy between key Cluster stakeholders, by guiding their input toward the target objectives of the strategy. AluQuébec looks forward to playing a coordinating role at every stage of the value chain.”
Jean-Luc Trahan, AluQuébec Chief Executive Officer

About AluQuébec, the Quebec Aluminum Industrial Cluster

Officially launched in October 2013, AluQuébec coordinates working groups that create synergies between Quebec aluminum industry clients/users and stakeholders. It brings together producers, processors, equipment suppliers and research, development, and training centers to work on concrete capacity-building initiatives with the goal of doubling aluminum processing in Quebec over a period of ten years.

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AluQuébec, the Quebec Aluminum Industrial Cluster

Michel Bazinet
AluQuébec Executive Director