Transformation processes


Rolling is a process that reduces the thickness of aluminium ingots by compressing hot metal between two cylinders to create sheets or plates in the desired thickness and hardness.

Québec’s value proposition

Québec aluminium distributors supply processors and manufacturers with rolled aluminium products in a variety of alloys and formats.

In addition, Verbom Inc. uses stamping, machining and other special processes, including QPF (Quick Plastic Forming) and SPF (Super Plastic Forming), to process aluminium sheet.

The multinational company 3M operates a rolling mill that produces, among other things, highly specialized aluminium MMC (Metal Matrix Composite) sheet that is used as a neutron shielding material in the nuclear industry.

PCP Canada specializes in the manufacture of precision aluminium sheet, plate and mould blocks of different sizes used in the manufacturing, automobile, naval and plastics industries.

PCP Canada
Verbom Inc.